I’d like to bring attention to the following article that was published by the CDC regarding a public health approach to suicide prevention in the US. It has many interesting points and suggestions regarding evidence based public health models that have worked in the past.

CDC Grand Rounds: Preventing Suicide Through a Comprehensive Public Health Approach

This is very special topic to me because I work with a lot of youth in the community dealing with depression and/or suicidal thoughts. Also, I will never forget caring for
countless children and teens during my Pediatric residency in the hospital after failed suicide attempts. It was heartbreaking! In fact, those very experiences are what made me very interested in getting into the field of Preventive Medicine and Public Health and joining this residency program. I’m elated about having the opportunity to get outside of the clinic walls to make a change! In fact, this very semester I will be working with the West Allis Health Dept. on suicide prevention initiatives as part of one of my MPH courses! This will be a great opportunity.
Overall, this is a public health crisis that cannot be ignored and I’m so happy the CDC published this article bringing awareness to how VITAL and POWERFUL shifting to more of a public health approach would be to tackling this issue. If we come together, we can make a change!

To learn more about this issue, check out the following article I published in the Madison Times. It contains an in depth interview with a mother of a suicide victim and her plea to others in the community dealing with suicidal thoughts.

Shattering the Stigma: Mother of Murder-Suicide Perpetrator Speaks Out


By: Jasmine Zapata, MD